Fluoride Treatment in Arlington, TX

Fluoride Treatment in Arlington, TX

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. It’s found commonly in foods like fish, eggs, and tea, as well as in most types of toothpaste. Research shows that fluoride helps strengthen the enamel of teeth and protect them against cavities. 

Dr. Engle is a native Arlington resident with over 30 years of experience in the dentistry field. He is experienced in providing preventive care to patients in a comfortable environment. 

What are the Benefits of Fluoride?

Fluoride is effective at preventing decay and cavities. It strengthens and hardens enamel, the outer layer of the teeth, in order to reduce sensitivity, prevent decay, and create an overall whiter smile. Children who are prone to cavities can significantly benefit from fluoride treatment as it strengthens their teeth and reverses the effects of demineralization.

How is Fluoride Treatment Carried Out?

Fluoride treatments are typically administered during regular dental appointments. The dentist will conduct a thorough diagnosis of the teeth and determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for fluoride treatment. The fluoride applicants are usually in the form of a foam, gel, varnish, or solution. The dentist will apply it to the teeth surfaces, allow the fluoride molecules to enter the pores, and then rinse it out.

A fluoride treatment is usually recommended twice a year. Children are good candidates for fluoride treatment, but adults can benefit from it as well. Studies show that fluoride treatments can reduce the risk of tooth decay by 25-50%.

Other Treatments for Tooth Decay

In addition to fluoride treatment, our dentist may recommend a dental sealant, which can help prevent decay. Sealants, which are applied onto the surface of the teeth, fill in the crevasses where bacteria and food particles can get deposited. They are a foolproof method to prevent cavities. In case of visible enamel erosion, we will recommend fillings to restore the structure and strength of the tooth.

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